8 Things To Do When You Turn 20 by Debotosh Chatterjee

8 Things To Do When You Turn 20 by Debotosh Chatterjee 

Book Description-

Life in the 20s is exciting and entertaining. In this phase, one usually tastes more autonomy than ever in life. New people are introduced and new dimensions of life are opened up. You start to figure out your uniqueness and the qualities that make you special.

Yet, this is also the age when everything can go wrong. You might step into well-known pitfalls and struggle for the rest of your life.

You might make your life difficult by creating complex equations with other people only to find out that such people never mattered.

You might not know the basics of managing your own finances, and struggle with money problems for the rest of your life.

You might have the potential to forge a great career, but mess it up because of wrong priorities.

In cricket terminology, you can be the best batsman in the world, but if you do not know who the bowler is or what his bowling specialties are, you will struggle to play well.

In the 20s, you are the batsman and life is the bowler. In order to be the best batsman, you have to know the bowler inside out.

This book attempts to give you insights on life in the 20s, so that you can make the best out of it. The eight chapters of this book collate the most important lessons of life in the 20s, in a concise, easy-to-read language.

Book Review-

8 Things To Do When You Are 20 by Debatosh Chatterjee is an amazing self help book which aims to open the minds of those who are in their 20's.It is being said that the way you spend your 20's deeply affects your later years.So, we really need to think about our precious time to not regret in future.

The author gave eight lessons to do when you are in your 20's which includes how the people in 20's should be financially independent, how they should develop the concept of 'being prepared' for contingencies, they should respect their time, how to stay out of the 'herd' mentality, how to financially intelligent and much more.

This book is for the people in their twenties to make them more potentially open to success, financially independent and to focus on actions. The exercises and the advices at the end of each chapter are very helpful. This book will motivates and inspires you to overcome the challenges we face in our twenties.

It is truly said that 20 's is the age which make us Or break us. So one should take it seriously to follow the important lessons and avoid the unnecessary things to shape our future better. I won't go too much into it. I feel like one should definitely read this whole book.

The language used is very lucid and flowy and beginner friendly. I believe everyone should read this book, which is a complete guide for the students in their twenties.