Soul Train By T. C. Husvar


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Soul Train By T. C. Husvar 


Take a seat for a ride of a lifetime.

Joshua is a seventeen-year-old boy from the inner city who wakes up on the ground of a train station. With little knowledge of where he is and a ticket in his pocket, he ventures onto a train ride. Perspective will shift as he gambles not only at his life but also at the substations that he stops at. And once he realizes where he really is, is he going to be able to hold on to his ticket and get off the right stop?

Book Review:

This book revolves around a boy, Joshua who wakes up on the ground of a train station unexpectedly. He struggles to recall how he got to that train station, he noticed that all people were in matching clothes. Some people looked sullen and some were completely lost and confused. 

Joshua felt the beginning of a panic attack as he nears the train conductor, Teff. He shoved his hands into his pockets and finds a slick small piece of paper, a perfect-looking train ticket and he finally gets on the train. 

He met an old lady who clarified his doubts and Teff, the Train conductor signifies the importance of the golden ticket. Teff told the passengers that it is the RIDE OF THE LIFETIME. Joshua begins to learn more about himself and his life, stop after stop. He met some other characters as the story proceeds ahead. 

It's an interesting page-turner book from start to finish which leaves the readers on the edge of their seats and hungry for more. The writing style for this story was also good and made it so easy to become immersed in the plot. It's hard to put down this book, once you started reading it. This is so brilliantly written, amazing and delightful. I would recommend this book.