The Little Mountain By Sristi Sengupta

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The Little Mountain By  Sristi Sengupta Book Review

Ever wondered, how it feels to have survived a near-death experience? When it’s so certain that the end is approaching but you somehow manage to survive. It is like you’re chosen for something you didn’t know and it is the purpose that is keeping you alive. The Little Mountain by Sristi Sengupta is a story about sorrow, ephemerality, and optimism amid hardship, which is a fundamental aspect of human existence.

Not like any other historical fiction, this book serves a variety of purposes to its readers. It tells the story of different people from different cultures and backgrounds coming together out of a devastating mishap, only to find the intent behind their survival. 

The writing in the book is excellent. We are immediately drawn into the world of Lanmu Si, a deserted Buddhist monastery perched atop a distant Tibetan mountain, thanks to the author’s fluid storytelling method, vivid imagery, great diction, direct and introspective syntaxes, and occasionally abrupt jolts of incomprehensible philosophy. 

The author quotes, "It might be that we never belong here but a piece of us will always be in Tibet, at Lanmu Si." And every page of this piece made me feel it word by word. The story successfully takes you to the place to live the incidences with the characters.

To all my fellow fiction enthusiasts, this is certainly a lilbookmonk-approved book for its readers.