Catching the Contagious Yawn By David C. Fisher Book Review


Catching the Contagious Yawn Book Review

Catching the Contagious Yawn Book Review


A tale of a young bear's endeavour to 'Catch the Contagious Yawn' he believes he needs to hibernate through winter. Come and meet the animals he seeks help from on his quest, some more friendly than others...

Book Review:-

Back with another exciting read for my young readers. The book is called ‘Catching the Contagious Yawn’. I was amused to read the title and gave it all to my guesses to find out the subject of this book. But as thrilled as I am to read the story, I would ask my little friends to read this cute and fun read by the author David C. Fisher. The part that makes this book even more astounding is the beautiful and creative illustrations by Hilary Stewart. 

The story revolves around a bear, who’s on a search for a contagious yawn so that he can hibernate peacefully in winters. On the journey, he meets many animals like the rat, the frog, and the birds hoping to find what he was looking for. But nothing worked until a tiny centipede came to help him. Centipede gave the little bear a life lesson that we all should learn, which is, ‘nothing in life comes for free, if you’ve got to get it you have to work for it. 

How this teaching helps the little bear to find his contagious yawn is what the author wants to pass to his little readers. Without a second thought, I would urge my readers to give their young ones a hold of this book and let them experience the wonders of nature.