I Knew You Were There: A Stolen Child’s Search for Her Irish Mother By Marie O'Leary Wydra, Megan (Wydra) McKercher

 I Knew You Were There: A Stolen Child’s Search for Her Irish Mother By Marie O'Leary Wydra,  Megan (Wydra) McKercher

I Knew You Were There By Marie O'Leary Wydra,  Megan (Wydra) McKercher 


Out-of-wedlock pregnancy was a mortal sin in 1950s Ireland, where unwed pregnant girls were confined to notorious mother-baby homes.

There, nuns forced the girls to work fourteen-hour days and denied them medication to ease the pain of childbirth. When the babies were born, their mothers returned to working in hopes to take their children home, but the cruel church and Irish government sold the infants to wealthy American and European families.

Marie O’Leary Wydra was one of those children. Adopted into her own hellish nightmare at age two, she never gave up hope that one day she would meet her birth mother again. Decades later, with her daughter Megan at her side, Marie set out to find her Irish mother.

I Knew You Were There is the story of two daughters: one who always longed to meet her mother, and the other whose love for her mother and Ireland sends them on a journey they never dreamed of.

Book Review Of I Knew You Were There

When someone asks you where you are from, you say your mother. It goes far beyond love. It's so much more than anything else in your life, even when there isn't any love. The relationship a mother has with her daughter is unique. Although the relationship may have its ups and downs and be challenging like any other, daughters frequently look to their mothers for role models. When things aren't going well, we look to them for encouragement and consider them as a source of light in our life. Mothers give their children unwavering love and support because they want the best for them. 

I recently came across the book "I Knew You Were There" written by Marie O'Leary Wydra and Megan (Wydra) McKercher. A story that shows how far a daughter can go to feel her mother’s love.

This is Marie's and her daughter Megan's tale. Readers will learn about Marie's search for her birth mother in this novel. Marie had lived a nightmare from when she was two until she was sixteen. Her biological mother was cut off from her. She and Michael, another adopted kid, were subjected to maltreatment by her adoptive mother Mary. After completing the laundry and cleaning that Mary had them do, Michael and Marie used to feel exhausted. Their bodies were usually covered in bruises from Mary's beatings. Marie left Mary's home at the age of sixteen and began living alone.

This story tells how Megan, Marie's daughter was committed to helping Marie find her birth mother. I loved Megan's determination. The way Megan planned trips and helped Marie is something that inspires me. This is a beautiful story that touched my heart. Everything in the book, right from the cover to its story is so appealing and heartwarming. The writing style is impressive. It's a book that you should definitely read. I am happy that I picked this book. Try it out.