The Change Guidebook By Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino


The Change Guidebook By Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino The Change Guidebook By Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

The Change Guidebook: How to Align Your Heart, Truths, and Energy to Find Success in All Areas of Your Life By Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino 


Many of us know we need a change, an overhaul of the way we “do” life. We feel the need to move forward but we aren’t sure where to place our feet to take those first steps. There are countless manuals for bettering our lives, but we crave something that will truly help us to change for the better once and for all.

The Change Guidebook ends the search for self-help that works, serving as a life-long companion guide and resource to complement your life. It offers ten points for making a change or adapting to unforeseen circumstances and allows you to become a change master by using the provided solutions to change, grow, and become your bravest and boldest self. These points are a process that you can engage in and turn to in times of need, crisis, or to alter your life's course.

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, the founder of The Best Ever You Network, has created a framework for crafting a new way to move through the world and inhabit our lives. By using the tools provided within this book, you will experience the joy of living life as someone firmly grounded in values, anchored by a consistent moment-to-moment practice of gratitude.

These principles have been widely used to achieve goals from changing careers to weight loss, becoming a college athlete, and more, and have been proven to change many lives. The Change Guidebook is for anyone who is seeking change and wants to align to their highest purpose. Learn how to unlock the light within. Change is possible and the power is in your hands.

Book Review-

Many of us are aware that we need to revamp the way we "do" life. Although we sense the desire to advance, we are unsure of where to put our feet in order to take the initial steps. There are innumerable guides for improving our lives, but we want anything that would genuinely alter us for the better forever.

I recently came across what I call by far my best self-help read. The Change Guidebook is not just a book but it acts like a mentor throughout your journey of attaining mental independence. This book can help you in any area of your life where you wish to make a difference since it is packed with helpful tips, motivational anecdotes, and doable exercises. Since the author has written an easy-to-understand manual with simple approaches, I would definitely suggest it to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the variety of self-help information.

This guidebook tells us that the resources and knowledge necessary to improve the world are available to us as we develop in it. We look outside of ourselves for solutions in an effort to feel happy and content, but we don't realize that all the solutions and the riches we seek are already within ourselves.

I'm so impressed by how readable and practical this book is! Would definitely suggest my fellow readers grab this amazing piece to help themselves develop a thinking that can lead to ultimate mental peace.