A Very Special Christmas Story By Jennette Wiebe


A Very Special Christmas Story By Jennette Wiebe

A Very Special Christmas Story - Bible Story Book

A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS STORY - Have you heard the Christmas story? It’s about that special night when baby Jesus was born. Written by Jennette Wiebe and illustrated by Ana Wiebe. This lovely children's book depicts the Biblical version of the Christmas story in a simple way that is easy for all ages to understand. You're never too old to hear or read the Christmas story. The story of how baby Jesus was born, is a story that can be read throughout the year and not just at Christmas. It's a story that's precious the whole year through. This is a 6" x 9" perfect bound softcover and is perfect for the little people in your life. Easy to read words and wonderful coloured illustrations on each page make this book a treasure.

Book Review:

The holiday season reminds me of a child's rapt attention to a bedtime story. The story's appeal lies in its predictable elements, such as its opening, the twists and turns it takes, the suspenseful moments, and the satisfying conclusion. It's the season to light the friendly candle of generosity in each person's heart, and Christmas is the perfect time to do so. 

And what can be a more soothing companion than a book to bring out the spirit of this joyous time of the year? One can never get too old to read or hear the Christmas story. I have a cozy recommendation for you to warm your hearts with the glory of this festive season. A Very Special Christmas Story by Jennette Wiebe and illustrated by Ana Wiebe. It revolves around the night Jesus was born. The Christmas story in the Bible is beautifully illustrated in this charming book for young readers. 

Anyone who loves Christmas would enjoy the read. This book is all that you need to share with the kids in your family. The writing is lucid yet rich and the on-mark illustrations add a cherry on top. To light up Christmas for your young acquaintance this 40-page book is the best gift that you can give