The Mysterious Bat-Bee: A Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure (Thomas and Julia's Magical) By C. S. Ferdinand


The Mysterious Bat-Bee: A Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure

The Mysterious Bat-Bee: A Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure 


A family is full of magical secrets. An enemy who practices the dark arts. Can Thomas and Julia defeat a fearsome foe and find a magical cure?

One terrible day, a strange insect with the body of a bee and the wings of a bat stings Grandpa John, who falls desperately ill. Grandma Rini enlists the help of her witch sister Magda.

With Magda’s help, Thomas and Julia find out that the insect is a magical creature. To cure Grandpa John, special ingredients for a magic potion are needed. When they go to the mystical forest to gather them, they run into a fearsome enemy determined to stop them.

Their grandfather's life is hanging by a thread, and time is running out. Can Thomas and Julia save his life?

The Mysterious Bat-Bee is the first book in Thomas and Julia’s Magical Adventures series. If you like intriguing plots and fast-paced action, you’ll love C. S. Ferdinand’s tale of perseverance and courage.

Book Review-

“Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.” It is all about selectively transforming reality and twisting it to get the best essence of life out of it. And how far can you run away from a reality that can make you startling through its elements, which we call fictional truths? If you're here for a while you must know that I’m a sucker for fictional mystery books. And my recent read has duly sufficed my hunger for this genre. 

I’m talking about C.S. Ferdinand’s creation, The Mysterious Bat-Bee: A Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure. It is the opening book of Thomas and Julia's Magical Adventures series. The story revolves around a family full of magical secrets. Thomas and Julia's grandparents provide them with a comfortable and simple life until one day when Thomas is stung by a strange insect with the body of a bee and the wings of a bat, Grandpa John becomes gravely ill. For assistance, Grandma Rini turns to her witch sister, Magda.

Unfortunately for Magda, the mysterious ingredient necessary to create the magic potion that will cure Grandpa John is in the possession of another witch. Thomas and his sister are children, but the story is nicely framed by the way their inquisitive and innocent minds attempt to be strong. They decide to embark on a journey into a deadly forest to find all the ingredients capable to save their Grandpa’s life. This jaunt reveals many family secrets, giving the story many astonishing twists. 

I enjoyed the author's use of vivid imagination to create this fantastical setting. A much-recommended book to dive into the realm of the fictional reality