Intercepted: A Dave Linblad Mystery By Jim Toner

Intercepted: A Dave Linblad Mystery By  Jim Toner

 Intercepted: A Dave Lindblad Mystery By Jim Toner


Sixteen-year-old Dave Linblad has recently moved to Warren, Pennsylvania where he starts a summer lawn maintenance business. He soon discovers that a few of his customers have been recent victims of theft. Disturbed that the thefts have affected his business, he discusses it with his father Chet who had recently retired from the Niagara Falls Police Department and moved back to his hometown, hoping for a quieter life for both of them.

They go to a car show in downtown Warren where they meet Cindy Manuel, Dave's girlfriend, and her sister Liz. Dave hopes to spend time with Nick Campbell, who has received interest from Division I schools for football. Dave and the others witness two men shove Nick into a dark vehicle.

Two days later, Dave and the Manuel sisters learn of Nick's death. Dave believes he has seen the dark vehicle around the city and learns of more thefts. While eating lunch at the pizzeria where Cindy works, his own bike gets stolen. A couple approaches Dave and appears willing to help him. Dave, however, is suspicious of them.

The couple hosts parties for young people at their cottage. Dave and Lexi, a Warren Police Explorer, attend one of the parties and stumble on stolen property.

In Warren, Dave once again see the men in the dark vehicle. Forced into their vehicle, Dave wonders if he will meet the same fate as Nick Campbell.

Book Review-

As we receive immersing love from our Mystery & Thriller fans, I am back with another recommendation to treat my lovely mystery fanatics. They say you can never have enough adventures in your life, it continues to surprise you in varying ways. The same speaks recent creation by Jim Toner, “Intercepted: A Dave Linblad Mystery”. As thrilling as its name sounds, the book is based on the adventures of a 16-year-old boy Dave.

Dave Linblad moved to Warren, Pennsylvania, and started a lawn care business. Some of his clients have recently been robbed. The thefts have hurt his business, and he shares his concerns with his retired father, Chet. Cindy Manuel and Liz join Dave and his friends at a Warren car show. Dave will meet Division I football recruit, Nick Campbell. Dave and the others see two men force Nick into a dark car. Dave and the Manuel sisters learn of Nick's death two days later. Dave believes he's seen the mysterious black car as more thefts occur. In Cindy's pizzeria, he loses his bike. A couple seeks Dave's help. Dave is cautious, though.

The story becomes even darker when Dave and Lexi found the stolen stuff during one of the parties hosted by the couple. However, before taking any action Dave ends up in a similar situation as Nick. Wondering about Dave’s fate, the story takes its readers to places they never thought of!

The book successfully lures you with the very first of it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this mystery piece and would surely recommend anyone looking for a chilling adventure.