The Vanishing Hour: A Thriller By Seraphina Nova Glass

The Vanishing Hour: A Thriller By Seraphina Nova Glass

The Vanishing Hour: A Thriller By Seraphina Nova Glass


Grace Holloway keeps to herself. Since narrowly escaping death at the hands of the man who kidnapped her, she’s thrown herself into the small inn she runs in Rock Harbor, Maine. It’s quiet, quaint and, in the off-season, completely isolated—the perfect place for Grace to keep her own secrets.

But Grace isn’t the only one with something to hide, and Rock Harbor isn’t just a sleepy vacation town. Someone is taking young women—girls who look an awful lot like Grace did when she was kidnapped so many years ago.

When a surge of disappearances brings the investigation to her door, Grace finds herself unwillingly at the center of it all and doing everything she can to keep her distance. Because Grace knows something…something that could change everything. And when the truth comes to light, getting justice for the vanished might be more than Grace can handle alone…


"The Vanishing Hour" by Seraphina Nova Glass is a gripping and atmospheric thriller that delves into the depths of secrets and the sinister lengths people will go to protect them. With its dark and gritty narrative, Glass weaves a tale of suspense, murder, and revenge that keeps readers on edge throughout.

Set in the secluded town of Rock Harbor, Maine, the story follows Grace Holloway, a survivor haunted by her past kidnapping. When a series of young women resembling Grace start disappearing, she becomes unwillingly entangled in the investigation. As the plot unfolds through multiple perspectives, Glass skillfully introduces red herrings, unexpected twists, and a suspenseful build-up that keeps readers engaged.

The author's ability to create a dark and twisted atmosphere is commendable, and the use of multiple narrators adds depth to the story, gradually revealing secrets and complexities. Readers are constantly guessing and unsure of whom to trust as the narrative unfolds. The revelation of the culprit is surprising and satisfying, although a few found the ending slightly rushed.

"The Vanishing Hour" delivers an enthralling reading experience, showcasing Glass's talent for crafting compelling narratives. It is a recommended read for mystery enthusiasts who enjoy atmospheric thrillers filled with suspense and intrigue.