Wood of Plane by Domenico Corna

Wood of Plane by Domenico Corna


Wood of Plane by Domenico Corna


When the Great Divide occurred, an ancient world was destroyed in a massive explosion, and its inhabitants' souls were scattered across a thousand other worlds. They coexist oblivious of their origin. Anybody can be this way if their memory has been gone, but in order to gain knowledge, you must first go back to your original state. It can seem impossible, but there is a path to overcome fear and make the quality and imaginative leap necessary to be prepared to escape the convoluted rule-filled existence. In order to create a beautiful fairy tale, David and Laura will travel that route. Before departing they will search for all the old inhabitants to collect them in the Wood of Plane, a location to call House that is shrouded in an impenetrable shroud of secrecy.

People have been seeking a deeper understanding of life's purpose since the dawn of mankind. The latest contribution to this topic of ongoing quest for self-discovery is Domenico Corna's "Wood of Plane." Fairy tales are a fantastic method to imagine an other world where we may examine the systems in our own. The book offers a compelling narrative with the original theme of man's search for purpose in life. The author questions people's yearning for self-knowledge in an alternate universe creating a lonely spiritual environment that promises peace. The author imagines lost souls from an ancient planet and conjures up a kingdom of fairy tales where they congregate to revive their faded memories. Alternative reality is a great tool to escape from earthly norms. I adore the author's skillful storytelling technique and stunning use of lyrical language in developing the plot. Astonishing world building and a philosophical viewpoint that has been created in such a thorough manner attract attention. Bringing parallel universes together while posing difficult topics requires a lot of work. In order to compose this lovely tale, Domenico uses magnificent prosaic language. In sketching the characters, the author displays incredible talent. Overall, Wood of Plane by Domenico Corna is a lovely tale that should be read by everyone.

Book Review:

"Wood of Plane" by Domenico Corna is a beautifully written fairy tale that captivates readers with its imaginative world and thought-provoking themes. The story takes place in an alternate reality where ancient souls have been scattered across different dimensions after a cataclysmic event. The protagonist, David, embarks on a spiritual journey to gather these lost souls and help them regain their memories and purpose. The book explores the human desire for self-knowledge and the search for meaning in life.

The author's skillful storytelling technique and stunning use of lyrical language create a melancholic atmosphere that lingers long after the final page. The prose is elegant, aesthetic, and metaphorical, painting a vivid picture of David's lonely existence and his quest for meaning. Domenico Corna's world-building is exceptional, with richly detailed descriptions and a well-crafted magic system that connects souls with nature. The author's ability to merge parallel universes and seamlessly weave together multiple timelines is commendable, adding complexity and depth to the narrative.

The characters in "Wood of Plane" are well-developed and psychologically intriguing. David, with his unique connection to nature, is a compelling protagonist who evokes both empathy and admiration. His journey of self-discovery and his quest to bring together the scattered souls in the Wood of Plane is captivating. The supporting characters, such as Laura and other inhabitants from Earth, add depth and variety to the story, each with their own motivations and desires.

The book touches upon profound philosophical questions, exploring themes of loneliness, despair, and the human yearning for knowledge and purpose. The author seamlessly blends these philosophical elements with the enchanting world of fairy tales, creating a narrative that is both magical and thought-provoking. The book's exploration of an alternate reality serves as a tool to examine and question our own existence and societal norms.

"Wood of Plane" can be compared to other notable works, such as "The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue" by V.E. Schwab, as both novels explore themes of self-discovery and the desire for a meaningful life. The book raises important questions about the nature of existence and the search for knowledge, making it a deeply emotional and thought-provoking read.

Overall, "Wood of Plane" is a breathtaking novel that transports readers to an enchanting world filled with magic and self-reflection. Domenico Corna's exquisite prose and masterful storytelling make this book a must-read for anyone seeking a fairy tale that delves into deeper philosophical and existential themes.