A Is for Amazing by Kelly Anderson

“A is for Amazing”, is an ABC book for children about positive affirmations. One can never start too early to build and enhance self confidence at such a young age.

It serves dual purposes. Everyone gets to speak and bestow positive words on young budding minds. Children also get to learn, spell and pronounce slightly more difficult and lengthier words therefore improving their vocabulary at a young age. These children will be exceptional spotlights with an advanced vocabulary.”

Book Review:

 "A Is for Amazing" by Kelly Anderson is more than just an ABC book; it's a vibrant journey into the world of positive affirmations for children. Through colorful illustrations and uplifting words, this book not only introduces young readers to the alphabet but also instills confidence and positivity from an early age.

What makes this book truly special is its dual purpose. While children delight in the playful illustrations and engaging affirmations, they also have the opportunity to learn and pronounce slightly more challenging words, thus expanding their vocabulary in an enjoyable way.

The bright colors and fun illustrations make "A Is for Amazing" a visual treat for young readers, while the inclusion of slightly more complex words adds an educational element that parents and educators will appreciate.

Overall, "A Is for Amazing" is a wonderful addition to any child's library. It combines the joy of learning with the power of positive thinking, setting the stage for a lifetime of confidence and success.