Hollows of the Oak : The Key by Stephanie Muir

Hollows of the Oak : The Key by Stephanie Muir

Gwen loves going up into the attic of the farmhouse that has been in her family for generations to hunt for old and forgotten treasures. She takes the new-to-her finds to a place tucked away in her yard—a place that she wants to keep all to herself. Elbow deep in old boxes and chests, she uncovers items that give her a nagging feeling that her mom is keeping something from her. Suddenly, she realizes she is searching for answers to questions she doesn’t even know she needs to ask.

While Gwen is struggling and searching, her little brother has struggles of his own. School has been tough for Monty, and he wants to escape. He just doesn’t quite know how... until he stumbles upon a hidden gem in the woods behind his family’s old farmhouse. Once he discovers this magical place that has been hidden in plain sight, he keeps it all to himself until an accident forces him to share it with his sister.

Together, brother and sister navigate through intense fear and heartbreak intertwined with poignant moments and unexpected surprises.

Book Review:

"Hollows of the Oak: The Key" by Stephanie Muir invites readers on a magical journey through a young girl's attic adventures and her brother's secret discovery in the woods. Gwen, curious and adventurous, loves exploring the attic of her family farmhouse, uncovering forgotten treasures that hint at hidden stories. But her searches also stir up questions about her mother's secrets.

Meanwhile, Gwen's brother, Monty, struggles with school and seeks solace in the woods. There, he finds a hidden gem—a magical place he keeps to himself until fate intervenes, forcing him to share it with Gwen.

Together, the siblings embark on a journey of self-discovery, facing fears and uncovering family mysteries. With each twist and turn, they learn about the power of resilience and the importance of family bonds.

Stephanie Muir's storytelling weaves together mystery, magic, and heartfelt emotion, creating a captivating tale that lingers in the heart. "Hollows of the Oak: The Key" reminds us that sometimes, the greatest treasures are found within ourselves. It's a story that encourages readers to embrace curiosity, face their fears, and cherish the connections that bind us together.