Vorodin's Lair (The Warminster Series) By J.V. Hilliard

Vorodin's Lair (The Warminster Series) By J.V. Hilliard

 Vorodin's Lair (The Warminster Series) By J.V. Hilliard

Ominous Omens
Daemus, a low Keeper of the Cathedral of the Watchful Eye, isn’t the only one having visions. His nightmares speak of the ageless sorcerer, Vorodin, who may be able to help. But the answers he seeks may bring him—and the realm—to the brink of war.

Elven princess, Addilyn Elspeth, must discover why she’s receiving visitations from a mysterious creature that shouldn’t exist. She combines forces with Daemus on their harrowing journey to the scholar city of Abacus, where Vorodin’s Lair awaits.

A Plot of Revenge
Their powerful adversary and fallen Keeper, Graytorris the Mad, continues to chase the young Keeper throughout the realm, seeking vengeance against his order while trying to find a cure for his own affliction.

Explore the realm of Warminster, as fantasy and magic mixes with epic adventure and romance. Omens, battles and plot twists await you in the pages of Vorodin’s Lair.

Book Review:

The most effective works of fantasy utilize a style akin to that of dreams. For that one fleeting, unforgettable instant right before we open our eyes and realize it's all a dream, it's more real than reality. There is something old and true in fantasy that speaks to something deep within us, to the child who dreamt that one day he would hunt the forests of the night, feast beneath the hollow hills, and find a love to last forever.

Everything that seems unreal can be presented as an unfiltered reality in the world of Fantasy Fiction. And there lies the reason for me being particularly fanatic about this genre. I recently got the chance to read the wonderful fantasy work by J.V. Hilliard. Vorodin's Lair is the second book in The Warminster Series and I must this book keeps up with its legacy. 

Daemus, the Keeper, is still having trouble coping with visions from Erud inside Vorodin's Lair. Daemus goes to the sorcerer Vorodin because he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. After further distress from the double-horned tetrine's visit, Princess Addilyn decides to accompany him on his journey. Nonetheless, betrayal is rampant as Graytorris the Mad makes his move. How many of the Keepers do you think will be able to withstand his schemes? How well does Addilyn stand a chance against the Bone elf's assassination plots? Some deaths are just too much to bear as we await to comprehend this thundering work of fantasy.

The author has done explicit work with writing and creating the plots of the story. With a large cast of memorable characters, this fantasy novel is a triumph of the genre and a throwback to some of my favorite books. I would definitely recommend this book to my readers.